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Curacao, February 4-10, 2015
3/19/15 3:47 AM | JUDY MOBLEY


NexTourists escaped from winter at Curaçao, one of the "ABC Islands" (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao), just north of Venezuela.



Downtown Willemstad, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and capital city, with Dutch colonial architecture.



The Queen Emma Bridge is a pontoon bridge between two sections of Willemstad.



When we were walking across the pontoon bridge, it swung open to allow a small boat through.

When it is fully open, a ferry takes pedestrians across the river.



A local market



Bright Caribbean colors at the market



A good time to sit and rest...while your partner shops.



We stopped by Jan Thiel village to explore the private beach.



Several NexTourists wanted to take the duck home with us, but it didn't fit in anyone's suitcase...



Shopping at Jan Thiel



Our beautiful resort, Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort



Relaxing by the pool



Relaxing on the beach



Snow?  Freezing temperatures?  Not here!



A new hat that's perfect for sunny days!



We had the opportunity to feed the "wildlife" everyday at 3 pm.



Other "wildlife" just fed themselves.  



Gorgeous view from Meditation Trail



Happy Hour at the SHORE restaurant



Swapping stories of the day and making plans for dinner



Beautiful sunset view



One of several activities: stand up paddleboards.  You begin by kneeling or sitting.


It was a challenge to use the stand up paddleboard against the strong winds.



The private beach at Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort



After a day of lounging and playing it was nice to gather at Happy Hour.



Some of the ladies loved this nearby establishment, Boca 19.



We enjoyed a bonfire and beautiful music on our last night.