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Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks
10/3/13 12:00 AM | JUDY MOBLEY

Geothermal wonders.

Snowfall at night added to the beauty of the park.

Regrowth of forest from the wildfires of 1988.

Viewing bison from a safe distance.

What did the mama buffalo say to her son when he left for college?  "Bison."

Smile for Old Faithful Geyser!


Grand Canyon  of Yellowstone.

Upper Yellowstone Waterfalls.


Mammoth Hot Springs, photo by Gordon R.

Gorgeous view!

Grand Tetons

Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Jackson, WY

"Meet me at the Wort" is part of the legend of the Wort Hotel in Jackson, WY.